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28 December 2012 @ 03:20 am
Dean in We Need to Talk to Kevin 1 Picspam!  
As promised-although way late here we are with part one of Dean in We Need to Talk About Kevin-part one! Buckle up-there's porn to be had! So if you haven't seen this episode? Please to not be clicking the link! For everyone else?

*Disclaimer* I will not be held responsible for spontaneous combusting, computers shorting out, marbles rolling, brain cells frying, ovaries exploding, and the like. *Passes out drool bibs, and fire extinguishers* And please make sure that your health insurance policy is caught up ;-) Randomly-any blindness due to looking directly at the Pretty is not my fault-I only bring it! Please note that should you go to special hell you are responsible for your own transportation/tickets/bus passes. And once again this is not dial-up friendly-sorry! Hot-linking is evil-don't do it please!

1. Photobucket


2. Photobucket


3. Photobucket

Very sexy!

4. Photobucket

Dear lord.

5. Photobucket

Just when you think you've got Dean figured out....

6. Photobucket

He shows you a new facet to his character!

7. Photobucket

Oh my.

8. Photobucket

Those bowlegs are sexy as hell!

9. Photobucket

*Imagines what we can do with them...ahem....*

10. Photobucket

Out of purgatory but still slightly feral.

11. Photobucket


12. Photobucket

Marbles are on the move!

13. Photobucket

Technically they were on the move from the first cap...

14. Photobucket

Pretty sure some brain cells imploded as well?

15. Photobucket

*Looks back*

16. Photobucket

Oh yeah....

17. Photobucket

Clean up in isle 1 please?!

18. Photobucket

A few more marbles roll past...

19. Photobucket

This can't end well.

20. Photobucket

That's gonna leave a mark.

21. Photobucket


22. Photobucket

This was going up and beyond the call of friendship dude.

23. Photobucket

Did I mention the pain?

24. Photobucket

Because yeah!

25. Photobucket

This calls for serious favors later!

26. Photobucket


27. Photobucket

Whatta man!

28. Photobucket

*Mental note*

29. Photobucket

I am so not cleaning that up!

30. Photobucket


31. Photobucket

And he still manages to look hawt!

32. Photobucket


33. Photobucket

*Feels faint*

34. Photobucket

And down I go!

35. Photobucket


36. Photobucket

Of course I missed the thud pillows. Pfft.

37. Photobucket

I hit the corner of the bubble-wrap though?

38. Photobucket


39. Photobucket

The floor is nice here~

40. Photobucket

I'm staying!

41. Photobucket


42. Photobucket


43. Photobucket


44. Photobucket


45. Photobucket

Sam having to prove yet again it's really him. Owie.

46. Photobucket

Poor guy!

47. Photobucket

And it's really him, yay!

48. Photobucket


49. Photobucket

Now it's Dean's turn-ouchies!

50. Photobucket

I prefer just to hug and say it's been awhile?

51. Photobucket

Not these two. :)

52. Photobucket

Still, me likey!

53. Photobucket


54. Photobucket

OMG that smile....

55. Photobucket


56. Photobucket


57. Photobucket

Hug time!

58. Photobucket


59. Photobucket

My god you're hawt-can I take you home with me?

60. Photobucket

Please, oh. please?!

61. Photobucket

I'll try to be good for more than 2.2 seconds even!

62. Photobucket

*Bats eyes for extra charm*

63. Photobucket

Is it working?

64. Photobucket

*IZ hopeful*

65. Photobucket


66. Photobucket

Poor Dean....

67. Photobucket

OT-how can the man make plaid shirts sexy?!

68. Photobucket

Sorry had to get that off my chest. Heh.

69. Photobucket

*Still staring*

70. Photobucket


71. Photobucket

Better yet?

72. Photobucket

He's sexilicious!

73. Photobucket

*Ovaries twitch*

74. Photobucket

They're goners.

75. Photobucket

Somethings ya just know. *Nods*

76. Photobucket

They barely have time to be happy and they are arguing again. :(

77. Photobucket

So sad!

78. Photobucket

And still hawt!

79. Photobucket


80. Photobucket

Rockin' the plaid=hawtness!

81. Photobucket

More brain cells blow!

82. Photobucket

*Adds more marbles*

83. Photobucket


84. Photobucket


85. Photobucket


86. Photobucket

Sorry the keys got stuck?

87. Photobucket


88. Photobucket

*Still wants*

89. Photobucket


90. Photobucket


91. Photobucket

Hawtness overload!

92. Photobucket

Profile porn!

93. Photobucket

I'm good!

94. Photobucket

Good and ded!

95. Photobucket


96. Photobucket

*Flappy hands*

97. Photobucket

It's the lack of brain cells and marbles?

98. Photobucket

It's my story and I'm sticking to it!

99. Photobucket

Sweet lord.

100. Photobucket


101. Photobucket


102. Photobucket


103. Photobucket


104. Photobucket

Can you hear me now?

105. Photobucket

Hand porn!

106. Photobucket

And more profile porn!

107. Photobucket


108. Photobucket


109. Photobucket

*Plots to have*

110. Photobucket


111. Photobucket


112. Photobucket

Cell phone porn!

113. Photobucket

I takes my porn where I can!

114. Photobucket

Useless uterus goes active.

115. Photobucket

I blame Dean. *Nods*

116. Photobucket


117. Photobucket

All remaining bits and bobs-including the useless uterus!

118. Photobucket


119. Photobucket

*Medic, Medic*!!!!!

120. Photobucket

FanGirl down! , FanGirl down!

Screencap warning label credit: ageless_aislynn

Screencap credits: deny1984

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 Late Night Drops of Random: 2 for the price of 1-hotties!moondropz on December 30th, 2012 09:14 pm (UTC)
The boys can help there! :)
Barbara Desmondgloomybardgirl on December 30th, 2012 09:31 pm (UTC)
Or maybe a donut shop. I could grab some donuts too.
 Late Night Drops of Random: Daniel as Bondmoondropz on December 30th, 2012 09:34 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, only if they're fresh!
Barbara Desmondgloomybardgirl on December 30th, 2012 10:19 pm (UTC)
Of course. Sadly on the donut front it is slim pickings. Walmart has Krispy Creme donuts. Damn I miss Hostess.
 Late Night Drops of Random: Alec/neck pornmoondropz on December 30th, 2012 11:37 pm (UTC)
We have the hostess but no krispy kreme!!!!
Barbara Desmondgloomybardgirl on December 31st, 2012 01:33 am (UTC)
It is impossible to get white bread now. I hope someone saves Hostess since I can't imagine a world without those mini donuts or Cupcakes. I could care less about Twinkies but damn I want a ding dong right now. Thinking about moving to Canada.
 Late Night Drops of Random: B*W Jensen commercialmoondropz on January 1st, 2013 12:35 am (UTC)
That undwe don't have either. But the goodies are still around. ;) I detest twinkies man. Blech.