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05 January 2013 @ 04:03 pm
Dean in Bitten Picspam!  
I'm on a roll? *G* I'm not too happy with this episode in terms of having the boys in in as much as usual? And it was worse trying to do a spam on Dean alone. Arghhh. But this was the best I could do. I hope you'll still enjoy this spam! So here we are with Dean in Bitten. Anyone who hasn't seen this episode? Please to not be clicking on the link! For everyone else?

*Disclaimer* I will not be held responsible for spontaneous combusting, computers shorting out, marbles rolling, brain cells frying, ovaries exploding, and the like. *Passes out drool bibs, and fire extinguishers* And please make sure that your health insurance policy is caught up ;-) Randomly-any blindness due to looking directly at the Pretty is not my fault-I only bring it! Please note that should you go to special hell you are responsible for your own transportation/tickets/bus passes. And once again this is not dial-up friendly-sorry! Hot-linking is evil-don't do it please!

1. Photobucket

Flashlight porn!

2. Photobucket

Anyone home?

3. Photobucket


4. Photobucket

Come right on in!

5. Photobucket

More flashlight porn! Whoooo!

6. Photobucket

Nobody here...

7. Photobucket

Music/hand porn!

8. Photobucket

Oh Lord.

9. Photobucket

Marbles are on the move!

10. Photobucket

Hello HotStuff!

11. Photobucket


12. Photobucket


13. Photobucket

I can has?

14. Photobucket

Oh please, oh please?!

15. Photobucket

*Feels faint*

16. Photobucket

*Bites knuckles*

17. Photobucket

Some ass porn!

18. Photobucket

Don't play it, don't play it!

19. Photobucket

Dean and his OTP!!!!

20. Photobucket

Siut porn!

21. Photobucket

Me likey!

22. Photobucket

Although SHIRTLESS is way better!

23. Photobucket

Yes, oh yes-please?!!!!!

24. Photobucket


25. Photobucket

And their home this time!

26. Photobucket


27. Photobucket


28. Photobucket

We need more Dean please?!

29. Photobucket


30. Photobucket

Brain cells implode!

31. Photobucket

Marbles roll past....

32. Photobucket

Clean up at their place?!

33. Photobucket

Pleasae to not be slipping-the insurance has not been paid in full...yet.

34. Photobucket


35. Photobucket

I sense a pattern here...

36. Photobucket

No biting the hottie!

37. Photobucket

Just in case....

38. Photobucket


39. Photobucket

I need a taste.

40. Photobucket

That could go on for months though. Heh.

41. Photobucket

Oopsy? *G*

42. Photobucket

The suit porn without the suit coat!!!!

43. Photobucket


44. Photobucket

*Flappy hands*

45. Photobucket

So many layers!

46. Photobucket

It's nice to see him with one less layer-lol.

47. Photobucket

Just hawt!

48. Photobucket

*Loves this*

49. Photobucket

A few more marbles roll past...

50. Photobucket

I'm still enjoying the less one layer....

51. Photobucket


52. Photobucket

He loves his burgers!

53. Photobucket

I'm good!

54. Photobucket

And ded!

55. Photobucket

He needs to lose that damn tie!

56. Photobucket

And the shirt.

57. Photobucket

See the pattern here? Hee!

58. Photobucket

I'd be the happiest fanGirl ever!

59. Photobucket


60. Photobucket


61. Photobucket

It'll never happen I know.

62. Photobucket

*IZ bummed*

63. Photobucket

We can always hope right?

64. Photobucket

If not this season then season 9.

65. Photobucket

Why yes I am an optimist, why do you ask?

66. Photobucket


67. Photobucket

He'll be my death I swear!

68. Photobucket


69. Photobucket

You're on candid camera! ;)

70. Photobucket


71. Photobucket

Lord have mercy.

72. Photobucket

*Feels faint*

73. Photobucket

And here I go!

74. Photobucket


75. Photobucket

I hit the corner of the pillow and the full sheet of bubble-wrap! \o/

76. Photobucket

I'll take any victory I can, hee!

77. Photobucket

This is a good thing!

78. Photobucket


79. Photobucket

*Still wants*

80. Photobucket

*Plots to have*

81. Photobucket

Just as soon as I can revive...

82. Photobucket

Hey, baby steps ya know? :)

83. Photobucket

And I am still on the floor-passed out!

84. Photobucket

Gawd do I want him.

85. Photobucket

Anytime and all day Sundays!

86. Photobucket

I'll catch up with church later-ish. Maybe.

87. Photobucket

More profile porn!

88. Photobucket

*Twitches hard*

89. Photobucket


90. Photobucket


91. Photobucket


92. Photobucket

I'm sure we have one? *Panicking*

93. Photobucket


94. Photobucket

*Flaily hands*

95. Photobucket


96. Photobucket

All bits and bobs-just gone!

97. Photobucket

The useless uterus remains useless-I knew it was just for decoration!!!!

98. Photobucket

Still no medic. *Keels over*

99. Photobucket

Both ovaries-in flames!

100. Photobucket

*Calls 911 and passes back out!

Screencap warning label credit: ageless_aislynn

Screencap credits: ina_ami

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 Late Night Drops of Random: Dean smirking-annimatedmoondropz on January 12th, 2013 02:09 am (UTC)
So did I! Ha, yes Dean! No, I don't think that sounds weird-I think so too-I thought it was just me though-lolol!